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5 Reasons to Self-Publish Through Amazon Kindle

Self- or indie- (independent) publishing is where you the writer do the work, reap the rewards and retain the rights to your book. I recommend using Amazon’s publishing and distribution services to start. For print books and ebooks you have Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and if you're thinking of publishing an audio book, go with Amazon's ACX. There are other options for publishing your ebook which

I’ll mention at the end but if this is your first time self-publishing or you’re looking to streamline your process, stick with the Amazon options until you’re comfortable branching out.

Here are five reasons you should stick with self-publishing with Amazon KDP:

#1. Amazon Kindle has 74% of the ebook market in unit sales (one book = one unit).

pie chart showing Amazon Kindle has 74% of the market share - data from - October report

When you first publish, focus your efforts on the biggest market for your book. That's Kindle. With 74% of the market share, most of your readers will search Amazon for their next book. Branch out after you've learned about your readers and your sales with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

This data is from the October 2015 Report from

#2. Global reach for your book.

As you step through the KDP process, you'll choose which Amazon sites your Kindle book will be offered on. Will you choose only (US) or will you spread out into Amazon Europe (UK, NL, FR, DE, ES, IT)? Will you add the other international Amazon sites (CA, MX, BR, AU, IN, JP)? Your book will be offered in English (or whichever language you publish it in) on all the sites you choose. It was a blast to have my book purchased in Germany, the United Kingdom, and France; I'll admit I've only sold a handful of books outside of but still it was fun seeing those sales come in. (Check out Amazon Help - Confirming Rights)

#3. No ISBN required.

Your Kindle ebook will be tracked via the Amazon's product identification number, ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). There's no need for you to purchase an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) through Bowker for $125 (though you can take advantage of their sale of 10 ISBNs for $250). Don't worry, yours won't be the only ebook without an ISBN. According to, 33% of the ebook purchases made across all US ebook stores have no ISBN.

#4. The cost to publish through KDP is $0 and you make 35% to 70% (depending on price, size, rights, and territory).

You could pay nothing to publish your ebook with KDP. If you did all the work (cover, editing, formatting, and uploading) you wouldn't have to spend another dime to hit the submit button and see your book listed on I'm not recommending you do all the work yourself. Unless you enjoy creating great cover art or are an excellent editor, these things are best left to someone more experienced. However, there's no reason you need to pay for the privilege of getting your book into electronic print. If you need help though, KDP provides services or I can hold your hand (that's where the HYH of HYH Book Coach comes from) as we work to get your content looking great for your readers.

#5. KDP has tools for illustrated children's books, graphic rich textbooks, graphic novels, and more.

Your book may need special formatting to ensure that your readers get the full experience you intended. KDP has special tools geared for images, pop-ups, audio, and video.

As promised, two additional options to publish your ebook:

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