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Shawndra is a natural teacher; confident, comfortable, calm, and knowledgable. Very knowledgable. I recommend her hand-holding promotion services for any self-published author who doesn’t have the time or energy to research the never ending list of tasks associated with Kindle and Goodreads promotions, sales and deals. During each shared-computer-screen appointment she shares helpful and detailed information.

When it came to formatting, self-publishing, and marketing my book on KDP, I knew I wanted Shawndra to be the one to show me how. She is very experienced and supremely patient and encouraging. We also had a few laughs along the way!


She virtually held my hand and taught me the skills I will need next time to do it on my own. I’m already working on my next book, and it is comforting to know that if I run into trouble, or want to learn more, Shawndra will be there to help me again.

Thank you Shawndra for your endless encouragement in every step of my book writing journey. You were so mindful in taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate each successful milestone no matter how small.


Your expertise in editing, formatting and the back end administration of navigating through the Amazon/Kindle realm was priceless to me. It was one less thing I had to worry about because I knew you had my back. Lastly, your gentle approach to coaching guided me to the finish line while still keeping true to my initial goals.

 Author of From Hoarding to Hope

Author of What's a Photo Without the Story?

Author of Ask the Organizer

Sure, you can find some information on how to get your book published through internet searches. But if you don't know what you're searching for, you'll be wise to work with a knowledgeable book coach like I did. I highly recommend Shawndra Holmberg's book coaching services. She'll help you take your book from your head to your readers' hands.

As a presenter, you had an exceptional ability to connect with your audience and  keep them actively engaged and energized for the entire four-hour workshop - very impressive!


You left your audience eagerly anticipating another opportunity to participate in upcoming events. I look forward to working with you on future projects!


Author of My Journey to an Organized Life


Chair of Education Committee

Women’s Business Network, Inc.

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