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Writing Support

Taking your idea from your head to a completed manuscript is a journey. Sometimes you may want help getting started. Shawndra Holmberg can ignite your motivation and clarify your writing path. Sometimes you may be stuck and want to move forward but you're not sure how to do it, Shawndra will be there to guide you with writing tools, resources, and just that added spark to get you writing again. Sometimes you just need someone else who believes in your dream and provides the support and guidance to turn your book idea into reality. Shawndra is passionate about helping you see the brilliance she's looking at in you. Stop struggling and start writing!

Book Coaching

Coaching through the 7 stages of your book journey:  Our first coaching session will establish the goal for your writing project including timeline, writing schedule, support needs, and accountability plans.  The following coaching sessions will focus on working through sections you’re struggling with, creating space in your schedule and environment to consistently write, establishing the next focus of your writing until we meet again, and of course celebrating each chapter, paragraph, sentence, and word on your book journey.

Initial Ideal Reader Personas Consult:  A coaching session to determine ideal reader and build personas. This allows you to write to a individual rather than the whole world. 

Structure, Voice, and Message

This coaching session is focused on providing you clarity on the structure of your book, building your confidence to express your voice, and focusing in on the message you want to share with your readers.

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