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Author Services

Formatting & Publishing Services


Congratulations! You've completed your manuscript and you're ready to publish. Way to go!


Are you wishing there was someone to help you through the publishing process? You're wish has come true -- Shawndra Holmberg can walk you through the self-publishing (indie publishing) process. She makes publishing your book easy because she knows what questions to ask and what actions to take. Skip the struggle and choose to have Shawndra Hold Your Hand on the journey.


You might be ready to add front matter, establish your layout, or maybe, you're not sure what questions to ask to even move on to the next stage of the book journey. Stop struggling to publish and choose to ask for the help you want and need.

Marketing Support

Congratulations again!!   You’ve written your book.   You’ve published your book.   Now you want to get your book into the hands of your readers.   How will you do it? You don’t have to do it alone. Shawndra Holmberg will work with you to identify and shape your marketing plan so that you can  connect with your readers in a way that is authentic and effective for you.


Shawndra will hold your hand as you expand your marketing skills, tools, and expertise. Consider your marketing plan even before you’ve finished writing; it’s never too early in the process to start. Shawndra can hold your hand as the two of you craft the steps that will lead you to successfully market your book, even before you hit the button to publish.

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