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Getting Started with Audiobooks

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Audiobooks are an expanding segment not only of the book market but also the audio market (music, radio, podcasts, etc.). There is something for everyone it seems, and it’s growing.

Growing Segment

Here are some facts from the Audio Publishers Association (APA) survey done in Spring 2022. It may have you thinking of publishing an audio format of your book. Or if you would rather skip the data and jump to the resources, scroll down to Getting Started.

  • 45% of Americans 18+ have ever listened to an audiobook

  • 54% of frequent audiobook listeners are under the age of 45; this is up from 52% in 2019

  • Listeners continue to prefer professional narration over author-read books

  • 41% of listeners indicated they subscribe to at least one audiobook service

  • Daily audiobook listeners spend more time listening to books than any other form of audio (radio, podcasts, etc.)

  • Daily reach of audiobook consumption has grown 94% since 2017

  • 61% of parents say their children listen to audiobooks, compared to the 35% measured in 2020

  • Genres experiencing the most growth in 2021

    • Romance (75%)

    • Self-Help (34%)

    • Science Fiction (32%)

  • Overall share of time spent listening to audio for audiobooks has grown 106% since 2017

And other facts provided by APA

  • Audio publishing revenue has more than doubled between 2017 and 2021

  • Number of audiobook titles produced…

    • In 2006 — 3,098 audiobooks

    • In 2011 — 7,237 audiobooks

    • In 2016 — 42,960 audiobooks

    • In 2021 — 73,898 audiobooks

In September 2022, Spotify entered the arena of audiobooks, offering it to 188 million U.S. subscribers. By December 31, 2022, Spotify reported 205 million subscribers with 489 million monthly active users. They expanded audiobooks to the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Spotify’s Q4 2022 Results

Getting Started

I’ll start by saying, “I don’t know what I don’t know” about producing and publishing audiobooks, but here’s where I’d start.

Where to Look for Audiobooks


Resource Roundup


  • The audiobook market is growing

  • Resources for getting started in publishing an audiobook

  • Sites that offer audiobooks

When you're ready... 2 ways to move forward on your book journey:

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