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A+ Content — One of Six Amazon Marketing Resources available to you through KDP


A+ Content has now been available to indie authors for a while, yet I’m still not seeing it used a lot. This section on your Amazon product page is labeled ‘From the Publisher’ and located under your product description, usually below at least one carousel of books Amazon thinks the reader might also be interested in.

When you’re looking at books, be sure to check out what other authors are doing with this section. You’ll find some ideas you can use and others you might want to stay away from.

It’s great for nonfiction.

How to access A+ Content for your books on Amazon

Once your book is published or on pre-order, you can add A+ Content. If you haven’t published, bookmark this article and be sure to come back.

  • Go to your KDP account and click on the Marketing tab on the top menu (#1).

  • Scroll down to the A+ Content.

  • Choose a marketplace (#2). Start with

  • Click the Manage A+ Content button.


Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishing Marketing has A+ Content for your book

What A+ Content to add to your books

Anything that can help a potential reader decide your book is just what they need. You can add images and text, even comparison tables. The goal is to connect to your reader and make your book stand out.

There are quite a few options to choose from, which is why you need to see what’s possible and find some examples of A+ content you like and your Ideal Reader would find helpful.

You can have just an image, just text, or different combinations of images and text.

Here’s what I’ve seen:

  • Quotes

  • Reviews & testimonials

  • Banners

  • Author bios

  • Who should read this…

  • Illustrations

There’s an image option labeled Standard Company Logo. Think of this more as a banner than just a place to put your logo.

Don’t just add stuff because you can. Since you developed your Ideal Reader, think about what problems they’re trying to solve and offer them useful sneak peaks at the content you provide to help them achieve their goals and solve their problems. Make the A+ Content relevant to your Ideal Reader, not just another salesy gimmick.

Here’s what I’ve added to my Pet Preparedness book…

Amazon KDP Kindle Direct Publishing Marketing has A+ Content for your book

How to add A+ Content for your books on Amazon

Once you’re on the A+ Content page (either through Marketing tab at the top or through your book) you can click on the blue button, “Start creating A+ Content” (top right) or edit the content you have.

If you’re just starting, you’ll give your content a name and assign it a language. Then you’ll add modules. Think of these modules as rows. You can have multiple rows, but your module will determine if your text is below or beside your image or if you’ll have 3 or 4 images side by side. You can always edit these, so go ahead and start.

Some examples of the modules you can choose from:

Amazon KDP A+ Content: Add Module choices

Once you’ve chosen your module, you’ll add the content. For example, choosing the Standard Image Header with Text, you’ll add your headline for the image, the image, the headline for the text, and the body text.

Amazon KDP A+ Content Module: Content details

Setting up your A+ content for your book is quick and easy. It’s deciding what you’ll add and creating the content that takes time and effort. Be sure to include keywords your readers might use in searching for a book that solves their problem which your book solves.

How to add A+ Content for other Marketplaces

Build your A+ Content in the marketplace.

Then go back to the Marketing tab. Choose another Marketplace.

Amazon KDP A+ Content: Choose a Marketplace

You’ll see an empty dashboard.

Amazon KDP A+ Content: Marketplace dashboard

Check the box “Show auto-created content” and voila!

Amazon KDP A+ Content: Show auto-created content

You have your content copied from the US marketplace! (Or whichever marketplace you started with)

Consider revising the content for the new marketplace by running your online editor to review the content for British, Canadian, or Australian English if you’re adding the A+

Content to,, or Though I don’t use Grammarly since I prefer ProWritingAid, Grammarly also includes the Indian English dialect.

As always, make your A+ Content relevant and appropriate.

Access A+ Content once you’ve created it

Once you’ve created you’re A+ Content and added your book’s ASINs, you will be able to access the A+ Content through the book on your KDP bookshelf.

  • Click on the three dots next to book’s ACTIONS.

  • Choose Promote and Advertise.

Click Promote and Advertize on your Amazon KDP bookshelf

  • Scroll to the A+ Content.

  • Choose your Marketplace.

  • Click the Manage A+ Content button.

Six Marketing Resources available through KDP

Amazon offers several marketing resources for your book. Some resources are only available to you if your ebook is enrolled in KDP Select. Some resources might be an excellent choice for you while others will be interesting but not useful. Look at them all and determine what’s relevant and useful for your Ideal Reader, your business, and your book.

Amazon KDP Marketing Resources

Resources available ONLY to ebooks enrolled in KDP Select

Available to all eBooks & paperbacks

Available ONLY to eBooks

There are also three more marketing resources to check out:

Resource Roundup:


  • Add A+ Content to your book's Amazon product page

  • Use the other Amazon Marketing Resources available to you through KDP


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