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Speaking Topics for Your Next Event

Shawndra Holmberg with her hands outstretched smiling

Shawndra Holmberg is a member of the WBN Speakers Bureau and has been engaging audiences for sixteen years as a trainer, educator, and speaker.  


Shawndra can provide organizational & productivity skills training to your staff; deliver creative motivation to your group; or keynote your next conference.  Whether your event is live or a webinar, Shawndra is an effective, energizing, and engaging speaker. 


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woman reading a book with the words 3 2 1 Get your book out there

3-2-1-Get Your Book Out There! A guided tour to writing, publishing and marketing your book

Do you dream of being a published author? Has fear, uncertainty or doubt pushed aside that dream? It’s actually easier than you think. Shawndra will walk you through the process and shares her insights, discoveries, and results on writing, publishing and marketing a book. She will share with you the three key tools to writing a book; the two primary paths for self-publishing your book; and valuable insight into one marketing venue.

green backround with 7 stages: inspiration, motivation, creation, construction, publication, connection and destinationg

Seven Truths to Becoming a Published Author

Is fear crushing your inspiration to write? Are you struggling to publish or market your book? It’s not difficult; all it takes is a little guidance and some tools. Shawndra shares the seven truths to becoming a published author. Need motivation to write? Find the answers that make writing possible. Want to get published? Find the resources that make self-publishing easier. Need to market your book? Find the solutions that connect you with your readers.

woman with three balls circly her head - tasks, choices and priorities

Juggling Tasks, Choices, & Priorities: The Art of Time Management

There always seems to be more to do than you have time in the day. Why can’t you get it all done?  What’s the solution?   Shawndra will show you the art to managing your tasks, choices, and priorities so that you have time for what’s important to you.

white evenlope on orange background

Pushing the Envelope on Your Creativity

Yes, you are creative.  You're even more creative than you think.  Your creativity may need to be coaxed, cajoled, and enticed.  Shawndra will share the four actions you can take to expand your inspiration and push the envelope on your creativity.

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