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HYH Marketing Support

Congratulations again!!   You’ve written your book.   You’ve published your book.   Now you want to get your book into the hands of your readers.   How will you do it? You don’t have to do it alone. Shawndra Holmberg will work with you to identify and shape your marketing plan so that you can connect with your readers in a way that is authentic and effective for you.


Shawndra will hold your hand as you expand your marketing skills, tools, and expertise. Consider your marketing plan even before you’ve finished writing; it’s never too early in the process to start. Shawndra can hold your hand as the two of you craft the steps that will lead you to successfully market your book, even before you hit the button to publish.

HYH Marketing Basics


We’ll cover the basics, identify the primary marketing actions you’re comfortable with, make plans to add additional marketing tools to your repertoire, and move you forward. ($75)


HYH Build Your Author Page 


I’ll walk you through building your Author Page on Amazon or Goodreads. ($75)








HYH Goodreads Giveaway & Author Program Development


I will walk you through the process of creating your Author Page in the Goodreads Author Program and listing your book in a Goodreads Giveaway.($75)







HYH KDP Select Countdown Deals / Free Book Promotions Development


I will walk you through the process of listing your Kindle book on KDP Select and set up a Countdown Deal or a Free Book Promotion.   Building your Author Page on Amazon is a separate session. ($75) Or purchase the video tutorials below.











HYH Next Stage of Marketing 


Additional marketing services, strategies, resources, and tools are under development.




Contact Shawndra to schedule any of these Marketing Support sessions

Marketing Support
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