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Perks of being a Member

Monthly webinars

Join us live for a 40-minute webinar on the 2nd Friday of the month at noon (Eastern).  Learn about writing tools, self-publishing platforms, and marketing venues.  These webinars will usually include a 15-minute demonstration; 15-minute  Questions & Answers; and goal-setting.

The webinar will be recorded for you to view at any time.

Future webinar material is based on what you ask for.  Get your questions answered.

Memberforum (non-Facebook)

Chat with other writers, authors, and HYH members.  Ask for an accountability partner, celebrate a fellow writer's win, help keep the author's torch burning for each other.  You'll be able to ask questions of the group (including me) and search for answers from previous discussions.  You can lurk or participate; it's up to you.

Additional resources

Membership includes access to additional video tutorials, worksheets, chapter excerpts from Shawndra's upcoming book, Paint the World with Your WORDS, on writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Grand Opening Prices good through October
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